Just a thought.

Jessie Roth

Do you ever have those moments where everything all of a sudden makes sense? I mean, it doesn't last long but one event, moment or happening just makes everything feel alright. I probably over think a lot of things, OK I know I over think and then think some more. But one of the best moments for me in 2012 was an Avett Brothers concert. Not because it was some absolutely amazing music, but because it was one point in my life where the curiosities that had been weighing on me had finally made sense. I was in an amazing setting, with my favorite people and everything up until then was so troublesome. Then all of a sudden I knew how I wanted to feel and how I wanted to start thinking. I could see it and it all felt clear. I realized that I needed to start thinking differently. I'm not too sure if I've been 100% successful but awareness helps. I'm sure I'll have more moments like this, just like I'm positive that I'm going to have more things that trouble me and keep me up at night. But that's a part of learning and growing and becoming a person you want to be. That person might change along the way and I'm not sure that anyone has ever found all the answers. I don't think that anyone every wants all the answers because it's the questions that really matter. But to have those clear moments and a giant push into the right direction is something beautiful.

Ok, ok enough ramblingly. Maybe you don't know what I'm talking about, but it's been on my mind and I wanted to share and see if others had similar thoughts or moments.


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