Vintage Markets!

A new quest I've set for myself is going to more vintage markets! I was reading a few blogs the other week that found some amazing vintage things. I've always enjoyed the uniqueness of old things. Plus I'm a huge farmers market fan, so I think vintage markets should be up my ally! I have a small list of things I'm looking for. Mostly collage supplies, some picture frames, brooches and if I get really lucky a writing desk. I was surprised to see that there are lots of markets in Utah! I live in a pretty central location so should be easy to get to most of these! I just wanted to share some links, so if you're in Utah this post is going to be very helpful (hopefully!)

3 Dotters Vintage Market
This one is on August 1st in Pleasant Grove. I don't know Pleasant Grove very welly except that I pass it each day on my way to work. Follow the facebook page for updates!

Fleattitude Vintage Market
This one goes on twice a year. One is next week the 27th of June and the next one is in November! So if you miss this one you can catch it in the fall! It is in Salt Lake which is always a fun place to visit. (Well I think so at least! )

The Summer Flea
This one has several dates though out the year. The next one is August 22nd. So hopefully we've found a new house by then and I can get some neat stuff to fill it with! They are also doing some DIY projects that would neat to check out. Find the facebook HERE!

Urban Flea Market
This one has lots of dates! Its also downtown Salt Lake which means it'll probably be crowded, but fun! Next one is July12th, so its soon! Also theres one in August if you miss the July one. Find the facebook HERE!

The Vintage Whites Market
This one is pretty awesome! They have markets in Utah, Colorado and Montana. I love following their blog, they always post pictures of the prettiest homes! They seem like they really have the whole market thing down. I'm not sure when the next one is, but if I remember correctly its more towards the winter-y season.

Phew! So many new things to check out! Definitely a season to look forwards too. I'm also wanting to explore some antique stores around Utah. So hopefully once I discover a few I can do a post about those too! Are you a vintage kinda person or do you have any tips for me? I think this is something that will definitely take me a little bit to get into!

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