Lovely Things: National Doughnut Day!

I didn't realize it was National Doughnut day until seeing all these cool posts from the blogs I follow. I was a bit jealous so I wanted to post also! So here are some of my favorite recipes I found. I am still in love with the idea of working at little doughnut shop!
Vegan Lemon and Poppy See Doughnuts (ok so maybe I really love lemon and poppy seeds!)
Basil Pesto Hummus Doughnut (I've never had a savory doughnut before!)

MmmMmmm...Now I'm hungry! What did you do for National Doughnut day? I think I'm off to battle the crowds to get me some fluffy fried goodness! Cause lets be honest as much as I love eating I'm not the greatest cook. Maybe one day?

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