Bullet Journal!

Awhile ago I came across this awesome post about a Bullet Journal. I'm a huge fan of journals (I have about 3 going at once!) So when I saw this new layout I wanted to give it a try! It has to be better then my sticky note method that I now keep for to do stuffs. I've just started it this week and I quite like it! I'm such a list maker and this is just like one giant organized list. I suppose the real test is if I keep up on it! I'm always good at the start but then get forgetful and resort back to sticky notes! 

Heres a lil' video so you can get the brief overview and HERE is the Bullet Journal website! 

So what do you think? How do you keep organized? Any tips or tricks?


  1. I started a bulletjournal jst over a year ago. I saw the exact same little film somewhere and decided it was THE answer to my chaotic planning system.
    I did adapt it a bit. I still use a regulaer cheap planner to keep appointments in. I really need that space to cheack what the week/month will look like. But I do use my bulletjournal for all my to do lists and note taking. Have you seen @plannerbynature on Instagram? Her bulletjournal is so awesome!

    1. Oh my her journal is so pretty! Mine doesn't look as good as that! Maybe one day. I have 2 calendars that I'm using, which probably isn't a good idea haha. I need to learn how to simplify my organization!