Giveaway Envelope!

A week or so ago I did a little giveaway for my new Etsy shop! My lovely pen pal won and this is the envelope that I made for her. I love the way that it turned out! Its by far one of my favorites I've ever made. I'm really hoping the recipient likes it. I used pen and some water soluble pastels to color it with. I'm thinking I should do more plant-nature envelopes! 
 The back and return address!
Once I started on this envelope I was consumed by it! I love when projects so that. I just so excited when I get to make beautiful things for people. I'm hoping I get another order soon so I face a new challenge!


  1. Oh Remi That is lovely!
    I am shure she will love it!
    * and othewise I will demand it back and love it myself XD

    1. I'm so happy how it turned out! It was so much fun to make.