Facts About Being a Lady: Period Products!

I should warn you this post is a little bit ranty but theres also some cool links so just stick with me! I've been thinking about periods and menstruation a lot lately. It seems like its been popping up on my social media feed which has been creating a lot of discussions. Which is really awesome! I think its something we should all feel ok talking about. There is this weird stigma about periods that just saddens me greatly. So hopefully the more we all write about it the more people will be comfortable thinking and talking about it! My one and only niece it just approaching that age and you can just see how awkward she feels about it. I totally understand where she's coming from cause I felt awkward talking about it at that age too! So I'm doing my best to talk about it comfortably. She probably thinks I'm a real werido! I just have this great hope that when I have kids and they are that age that its not an awkward thing to talk about. That we as a society have changed the idea of periods. I really do believe that we have that power! If we continue to write about it, talk about it and refuse to be ashamed about it!

Phew! Ok enough ranting! Some really awesome links I wanted to share with you!
1. THINKS! Period undies! This is such a great idea and they look so well made. I'd love to try some of these out. They are a bit out of my price range but I'm definitely saving my pennies!
2. CLUE PERIOD TRACKER. I've gone though quite a bit of period tracking apps. This one so far is my favorite. I just love the way it looks. Its easy to read. The mood and symptoms tracking is very simple. Most of the other apps I've used have way too many options its overwhelming! Tracking my period has been the best thing ever! I wish I would've started this when I was a teenager. Why did I ever think it should just be a surprise? An awful surprise at that!
3. LUNA PADS. This is a new site I've found. I haven't ordered anything but oh man they have quite the selection. I love how many products they offer and they have tons of alternatives! When you're young and start your period it seems like you've only got 2 options. When there are so many cool products out there, you just need to find what works for you! So I love site that this that offer lots of options!

So what do you think? Any cool sites that you've found, please share! I'm always on the search for new products to try out. I've recently changed to cloth pads, so that's been quite the adventure! Ha I'm sure I'll do a rant post/ review about it later!

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