First Etsy Order!

About a week ago I got my first Etsy order! I wasn't sure if I was going to get any sales this early so I was way to excited about it! Just the idea of getting to create something for someone else is why I send snail mail in the first place but now to have a specific theme puts a new challenge onto creating mail art! I was definitely challenged with my first order! The person wanted a Harry Potter themed envelope. Which I have to add I know nothing about. (crazy I know!) So thank goodness for pintrest! After spending a day searching Harry Potter I now know that I have to read these books eventually!
She also wanted some thaumatropes. I had posted them HERE forever ago and she had seen it and wanted some! I made these ones a little different using the computer. I quite love the way the turned out! A lot more clean lines and more details. PLUS it didn't take me forever like those other ones! I'm hoping that I can get a listing posted in my etsy shop for some of these soonish. I wanna test out some with words first!
Heres the envelope! She chose the illustration style, small size with a Harry Potter theme! I didn't want to go too specific, cause I wanted it to be special and look like something I'd make! I'm hoping that she likes it. I am really surprised with myself how challenging it was and how much I liked the challenge. I hope I get another order soon so I can work on something new! 
The package I ended up sending her! She also wanted a quote instead of a letter. Which was also a challenge cause I haven't drawn many pigs before. BUT being a Charlottes Web quote it needed a lil'pig don't you think? That was a fun challenge too!

Phew! Lots of projects to be working on. I'm glad I got this done. I'm so happy about it ALL! Sometimes I feel like a really lucky girl, cheesy I know!

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