List of Thoughts (+Links)

List of thoughts and links as of late!
1- Isn't this hedgehog the cutest! Calico the hedgehog is the bees knees.
2- Weather has been wacky in the over developed valley of the Salt Lake. BUT I think its officially time to shave my legs and wear some shorts.
3- Kinda obsessed with THIS personality test. Its spooky how accurate it is!
4- I've been rambling on about cats lately and my sister sent me THIS link! Its crazy, creepy and I want one.
5-I'm pretty sure I use the word "I've" way too much. But I just can't stop!
6- I'm craving sweet things lately! Birthday season always makes me hungry for birthday cake. Not even the fancy good kind! Funfetti cake and grocery store cakes, crazy I know!
7- Read THIS article about the post office and what they do with letters that have bad handwriting. I have to say I'm a bit relieved!
8- I think I've finally convinced my roommates to start watching Downton Abbey! Eeep!
9- For some reason there is a sound on the train, on my way to work that always gets THIS R.E.M song stuck in my head!
10- Such a lovely spring weather! I can't believe that April is already past!

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