Happy Easter!

Today is such a lovely Easter Sunday! Now I haven't always been too terribly religious but I've always loved Easter. Ever since we were little my family celebrated it beyond the traditional sense of the holiday. Instead its been a celebration of the renewal of spring, new life, new adventures and appreciation for the love that we share. Even now that we are older, we still color eggs, get each other little gifts, spend a weekend together and bask in the new spring sun! Now that I'm older and sunken into religion a bit more, it has a whole new meaning to me. BUT the root of love and family will always be there. Needless to say Easter is my favorite holiday! 

I hope you are all love and hugged by the sun on the lovely day! Its actually sparkly sunny in good ol' Utah and for that I am grateful! Have a spring filled day with new new-ess and revived loved! 

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