New Zine: Grey Matter #2

 I finally finished Grey Matter #2! Its only taken me a billion years! I tend to get  a bit lazy when it come to finishing projects. BUT not today! Its mostly little writings, drawings and quotes. A little bit of a mish mash but I like it that way! I suppose if I can to classify it, it would go under the art zine group. I haven't gotten any feed back so I'm still not very sure about it yet! I sent a bunch out to my pen pals and they alway give good feed back. So now we wait! Anyways, if you'd like a copy I'd love to send you one! You can email me at ( OR you can leave me a comment and go HERE to lend me your address! BUT if I do send you some snail mail goodness you have to give feed back! Cause with out feed back how will I know if I'm improving at all?
Heres the middle page and also happens to be my favorite! I'm really hoping that this one has a bit more cohesion then others in the past! I've really been working towards finding a "style" lately.


  1. Oh I would love to read your zine!
    I've sent you an email =)

    1. Yay! I'll get something sent this weekend!