Weekend Adventures!

Easter weekend! This weekend was so busy! Saturday was filled with yummy food and coloring eggs. Sunday was filled with an egg hunt and MORE yummy food! My favorite part about Easter is all the time spent with family and soaking up some spring sun. Here are just some pictures I took this weekend. I stink at documenting stuff, but slowly getting better! 
Green wontons! First time using these wonton wrappers and they were quite yummy! 
 My snail mail coral easter egg! 
 Honey bee egg! I was really loving this orangey peach color. 
 Egg hunt! Puppies loved finding the eggs!
 When are you too old to hunt for Easter eggs? The answer is NEVER. 
 This is my favorite egg that I made in my favorite green color! 
My lovely family! I should've snagged pictures of everyone but I feel so awkward gathering people for photos that these guys just happen to be standing around each other. Yet another thing that I need to work on!

I hope you all had a very lovely springy Easter weekend! I'm so not ready for the week to start. But onwards and upwards, time waits for no one!

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