List of Thoughts as of Late (+Links!)

1. I had such a beautiful weekend. Wonderful people and sun shiny memories! 
2. I've been looking for a new face scrub. So I thought, why not make my own! THIS seemed like a good place to start! 
3. I'm hanging onto THIS link about aperture. Pretty sure its gonna come in handy! 
4. I've been bulking up my reading list and THIS is number one. 
5. Spring allergies are kicking my trash. 
6. Edward Gorey + Mail Art? Yes. Please.
7. A busy weekend means a high anxiety weekend. Which make THIS post really useful!
8. I spent some time with a wonderful kitty and although it made me really stuffy, I LOVED it!
9. THIS lady is brilliant and I love this idea!
10. This month is going by fast and I've a feeling it'll only pick up!

Hope you all have a successful week!

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