Outgoing Mail!

For my birthday I got a bunch of new gel pens! (green ones of course, my favorite!) I couldn't wait to dive into these and make some pretty mail! I bought these black envelopes a while ago, super cheap at a scrapbook warehouse. When I bought them I thought they would be pretty with white gel pen, but of course my white pen died when I went to go address an envelope! BUT now I have new lovely green pens! I'm really happy with the way these turned out!
 I'll admit I got a bit lazy when it came to the back of the envelopes! But still looks kinda neat.
I wrote these 2 letters for a couple that I just adore, so I drew them Oblio and Arrow! Two amazing charters from the story The Point! by Harry Nilsson. I think they're really gonna love these twin envelopes and matching drawings! 
Happy mail day! 

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