Snail Mail Catch Up!

I took some time this weekend to finish up a few envelopes that I've been working on. I've gotten way behind on my snail mail and I'm not sure if I'll ever catch up!! BUT I made some progress this past week! I think spending too much time on crafting envelopes isn't helping. I just can't help but make neat things! I have so many cool ideas. I just wish I had more time. Never enough time!
Really loving collages lately! 
I got out my mod podge to make this one! I love the way it looks, even if its a bit arts and crafty looking. It's made using a cut up dots candy box and some tissue confetti. I think my pen pal will really like it!
 My pen pals are amazing. So I also wanted to share what these two people sent to me! I just love this guys simplistic collages! You can see more of his mail art HERE!
I just love this pink envelope! Plus I'm a huge fan of quotes! 


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