April Art Journal!

Yet another month has flung before me before I could even argue about time passing! I've become quite fond of this giant mishmash book of mine! I think May will finish her up and then its time for a new one! I'm gaining quite the collection and I absolutely adore haveing this mini collection of events and thoughts. I was making some room on my shelves today and stumbled upon my past art journals and flipped though them. Some pages I enjoyed more then others, but at the root of it I'm so happy I have this artsy record of my past!

 A lot of the embellishments I used were from my Messy Box!
Phew! April was a busy month! Now on to May!

1 comment:

  1. Oh these pages are lovely!
    I love the bunny!
    It's always nice to see other people's journals.
    Not to pry but to see how they put their brain musings on paper.