Lovely Things: Adventure Accessories!

This week my sister and I have started to take the train to work. We've contemplated it a ton of times but never really had the gusto to test it out. Our car is being a bit wonky so we figured this was the universes way of saying find another way! So here we are! Only half way though the first week and we're getting it down! I didn't think I would be this anxious about it. BUT like everything there are things to learn and things always get better. Things like public transportation attracts some iffy looking people, things are slightly grimy and the train waits for NO ONE! Upon our recent adventures I've discovered I need to up my public transportation game and here are some lovely things to get me started!
Travel mug! I've found I dislike most travel mugs cause their clunky. So this petite one looks darling! ALSO colors are amazing! Found HERE. 
Back up battery! Sitting on the train means playing games on my phone which means killing my battery! Plus how cute are these? Found HERE.
People watching is the best time waster. Found HERE
I've wanted a traveling art journal for a while now. Now I have a good reason to get one! This one is particularly lovely because it comes with a strap! Eeek! So awesome. Found HERE.
Beautiful tracks found HERE.
I've found a few things come in handy while taking public transportation. Wet wipes, hand sanitizer and tissues. (mostly because of my spring allergies) So of course I need a cute little honey bee bag to keep it all in! Found HERE.

PHEW! New things are good right? I think its a good experience to say the least! 

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