Weekend Adventures!

Yet another successful (kind of) weekend in the busy month of December! I feel like I'm counting down the weekends until Christmas and time is just flying bye! I'm sort of to the point where I just want it to be here already despite not being ready. I didn't get everything that I needed to this weekend but I still had a nice weekend. I suppose thats all that matters right?

I got a bunch of Christmas/ holiday cards done this weekend. I'm still obsessed with my water color set. I think they turned out pretty well! I'm not sending out as many cards as I normally do. Mostly because I'm lazy. So I really wanted to make these ones count! Hand made envelopes and all!

 On Saturday me and the besties got to go see one of our favorites Joshua James! His album Willamette Mountain always reminds me of winter! I'm not sure why but I'm sure my roommates will agree with me. It was a much needed evening of good music to lift my spirits! Good tunes have a way of doing that. I feel like now I can take on the world and tackle this holiday season! Time for lights and Christmas music!
My all time favorite song. I love it even more performed live. 
The opener was none other then Timmy the Teeth. Another one of Utahs own. I was really impressed with his set! The last time I saw him play I wasn't too blown away. He's coming out with a new album and I love the direction he's going in. Definitely one to watch out for! 

Hope you all have a wonderful week! 

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