Lovely Things: Tis the season!

The holiday season is full blown and the big day is creeping up on me. I figured it was about time to share some of my favorite holiday-ish findings! I hope you like these holiday inspirations! 
Chalk board designs are all the rave lately and I'm not complaining one bit! (source)
I only ever want to eat ginger snap cookies around Christmas and even then I'm not sure how much I really enjoy them. BUT this recipe looks easy and yummy! (Amanda K by the Bay)
Over whelmed from all your over ambitious holiday projects and annoyed by chaotic shopping malls? Well this cute little bear in an adorable sweater will cheer you up! (source)
Amazing AMAZING gift tags from the wonderful and talented Corinne Alexandra. They are free to download!! (Stuck with Pins)
I adore this illustration! (source)

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