Lovely Things: Lovely Lady Links!

I was going through some of the links that I've been holding onto. I found a few of them to be on quite the strong women theme. So I wanted to share a few of them with you! Now don't worry I'm going ram it down your throat why we should all be feminist and why feminism is so important. I just wanted to share some really cool things to read!
First off! The lovely lady blogger over at Sincerely, Isabella is starting a new monthly feature called Art Collective. Mostly featuring female artists and independent unknowns. You can find it HERE. I love this idea! I love art and i've a soft spot for strong female artists. Its a lovely way to be inspired by people and discover new artists to admire! So check it out!

Second. One of my favorite blogs Too Much Light Burns the Negative, did THIS post a few days ago. I just love the way she writes so much. I love how honest and ranty this post is. It's incredibly relatable. I'm sure we've all been in that spot before when you read something and you just can't believe that people in this day and age are so narrow minded. I just love this post and wanted to share it!

Third. I found THIS ah-mazing post about female electronic musicians that changed the industry! I love this article because they have videos that go along with it! Its awesome! My knowledge about electronic music is very minimal, so I felt like I learned a lot. Plus I adore anything that highlights a strong female!

Last but not least, you didn't think I could do a post and NOT include at least one extremely feminist link?! One of my favorite new findings is a site called Who Needs Feminism? It basically challenges people to asks themselves that question and ask yourself why you need feminism? I believe that everyone needs it! I always tell people that feminism isn't radical, or man-hating club, or not shaving your legs, or not wanting a guy to open a door for you. It is recognizing gender inequality and having willingness to do something about it. I read THIS awesome article that debunks a lot of feminist misconceptions. I am always encouraging people to read about feminism and decide what it means to you. Don't just go off of what other people "think" it is. Define it for yourself.

Phew! Ok I'm done ranting. I hope theres is at least one link in here that'll spark something inside you and make you think a little bit!


  1. Oh Gosh, thank you! When I read it for a moment I thought "is there another blog with the same name of mine?"
    Lovely ladies always united!!

    1. Haha I love your blog and your style of writing! Keep up the good work!