List of Thoughts as of Late!

Things that have been on my mind lately: 
1- TIME, time...not e n o u g h TIME!! Christmas is sneaking up on me and I don't like it! 
2- Growing up with only sisters I don't know how to shop for boys. I mean, I guess my dad counts but I can still get away with drawing him a picture and calling it good. Needless to say it was quite the challenge to buy a gifty for my boy! 
3- I'm not sure why but the holidays always make me over ambitious. I have a feeling I'm going to be sewing up until christmas eve! 
4- Still no snow? The weather is freaking me out and not helping my un-christmasy mood. 
5- I'm amazed how rude people can be. So many times in the past week i've just thought to myself. Why do people treat each other so horribly?! I don't understand how someone can just be plain rude to another human. Mind boggling! 
6- I wish I could sleep in this weekend, but theres no time for sleeping in!! 
7- I've never watched my bank account so closely before! What is it about the season that makes me want be buy everyone everything!! 
8- The winter is making my hair so dry and staticky! Anyone have any tips to combat it?
9- I'm pretty sure I watch too many cooking tv shows. For not really cooking a whole lot. 
10- I've been having trouble sleeping lately. I'm guessing its just anxiety. But its definitely catching up with me! 

Hope you all have a happy and productive weekend! 

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  1. Aww, this was a good read. What did you end up buying for a present? I got my brother ties for his birthday, haha.

    Hope the new year is treating you well :3