Joni Mitchell Interview + Rant

I love Joni Mitchell! I remember the first Joni Mitchell song I ever heard was Case of You. I heard it first on the Practical Magic soundtrack. (Which by the way is one of my all time favorite soundtracks!) I instantly fell in love! Her lyrics are cryptic and her voice is so incredibly unique. Everything I've learned about her just continually impresses me! She is definitely one of my heroes. I just love successful confident women! It makes the mini feminist inside me really proud to be a women! She's so inspiring and makes me want to be a stronger and better! I love that about her.

I recently read THIS interview with her. Its an awesome interview. It shows so much of her personality and wit! I really just wanted to share that link with you and make you think about the powerful women that inspire you!  I also made you a mini play list of my favorite Joni Mitchell songs! I hope you at least fall in love with one of these songs!

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