Don't Forget!

This weeks reminder! Tis the season to be stressed and stretched to the max! I know its not just me but most people that are investing time into the prefect gift or over ambitious projects and new recipes. Its easy to be swept away by it ALL. Its very easy to pour yourself into things for other people. It is the season for giving after all! Within all the giving I think we forget that we give for ourselves and not for others. An amazing thing happens when you give and it's that you get happiness in return. Honestly if you don't you should probably re-think things a bit. I believe the true joy is with the moments. The wrapping presents at midnight, braving the crowds for the prefect gift, having a secret surprise for someone, working on projects in the wee hours of the night. So today's reminder is to seek joy in all the things! Before you know it material things won't mean as much as memories and joyful moments you've had in your life!

Hope you all have a busy successfully crafty wonderful weekend!

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