Ukulele Adventures: New Slang!

I was looking for some new songs to learn on the ukulele when I came across this outrageously easy song! New Slang by The Shins! You can find tons of covers HERE. Now the chords are fairly simple and I'm sure I already know how to play all 4 of them. But whats hooking me up with this song is the lyrics. They are a wee bit bizarre (but in a good way) and he sings them with that strange voice of his that is hard to copy. So really you just have to make this song one of your own. Which makes it a really fun song to play but will take a while to prefect! You can find the chords I'm using HERE!


  1. AAAHHHH! I wrote a long(ish) comment and when I signed in to post it.... it disappeared!
    Let's see if I can recreate it from memory.... I think it went something like this....ahem!....

    Cool! thanks for sharing! that sounds like a fun project - to make it your own :)
    I've been trying to get better at the ukulele (like all that fancy strumming & stuff? yeah right!) some people make it look so easy, damnit.

    (I think that was it.)
    (If that ends up posting twice: oops! sorry, heehee)

    1. Ugh the darn thing! Thanks for your comment! I hope you master this song! is my secret weapon to learning new stuff! I love when he posts a song and then posts how the strumming pattern goes, cause thats always the hardest part!

      Best of luck!