Weekend Adventures!

My sisters and I decide to make popcorn and cranberry garland this year! I'm pretty sure we've all kind of romanticized the idea a bit seeing it in old movies all the time. I wasn't anticipated how difficult it was to string popcorn! But over all it was a really fun time and an excellent way to kick off the holiday season! My sister got the world biggest tree and I can't wait until its all decorated. It was a bit sad to come home to an un-festive house though if I'm being honest! Looks like this week is the perfect time to get decorating! 
My sisters probably hate me for always taking crappy pictures of them! I really get do distracted and don't want to stop the project to take a photo! Its not very good blogging technique on my behalf! I'll get better......hopefully! 

I think it turned out really pretty! Who know cranberries were so pretty! I especially liked the lighter pinkish ones. And yes playing with popcorn does make you really hungry for popcorn! 
Last but not least my giant envelope for the Collage Scrap Exchange! I signed up for this project a wee bit ago and am just now sending out my collage bits to my partner! I'm not the best at collages but I thought this would be a fun challenge for me! I'll be sure to post my submission and the scraps that I get from my partner. Until then how cool is this GIANT envelope! I got a whole pack of them to organize my zines and I love them sooo much! 

Welp! I hope you all had a fantastically successful weekend! 

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