Song and Doodle #36

My newest favoritest song for this week is Proudest Monkey by Dave Matthews Band. I guess I should say new old song! I was having a pretty crummy day this morning and put on the Crash album by the end of it I was feeling better and this song was the last track. First off you can't go wrong with Dave Matthews. Its automatic feel good music. I was listening to this song and I found it to just be so incredibly eye opening beautiful. It feels sweet and silly because its about monkeys! After listening to it I realized that we are all at one point the proudest monkey. We all take these amazing journeys in our life and constantly look back and question ourselves. But we continue on anyways. Pushing forward and trying our best to learn and open our eyes and experience life and reach for life and love and personal satisfaction. For today, I am a humble monkey. 

"I'm stuck,like the other monkeys here
I am a humble monkey.
Sitting up in here again, but then came the day
I climbed out of these safe limbs, ventured away
Walking tall, head high up and singing"

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