Incoming Mail

I got the most amazing package from one of my favorite pen pals the other day! This girly always makes the best collage cards. I wanted to share the amazing-ness with all of you and make you very jealous muahahaha! 
Awesome instax photos and papery bits! 
 She also sent me an awesome book for documenting my weekend adventures! Also a disposable camera for our camera project! I'll post more about that once I get the photos developed.
I also got a neato beetle in a cube and a teeeeny bottle with a tinnnny message! Its filled with lavander and I love it! 
 Amazing collage booklet! Filled with awesome quotes and sayings. I feel like a lot of these are just what I needed to hear!

The book stretches out accordion style. A new surprise around every corner! It was too long to photograph. So just imagine what it looks like. Its AH-mazing!

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