Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello my lovelies! I was laying in bed today and thinking how much I just wanted to sleep in and not get up. But then I realized that I was being silly because I have the best family in the world. Why would I not want to hang out with them?! Sure they drive me crazy but I'm pretty sure thats what family is suppose to do! I wasn't going to post today but then I got thinking so I got myself out of bed and drew this instead. I'm so selfish in the way that I often take my family for granted. I forget that theres people out there that never see their parents or don't have siblings OR just don't get along with their family. That concept is so obscure to me because I'm stupidly close to my entire family. I'm just so incredibly lucky. I realized that Thanksgiving is all about what you're grateful for and today I'm insanely grateful for my crazy family and all the love they give. It seems silly that I needed a dumb holiday to remind me of that, but I guess thats why we have it! 

I hope you are all filled with love, comfort and kindness on a day like today! Happy Thanksgiving.

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