Making Mail Documentary.

One of my favorite pen pals was in a documentary and now you can watch the whole thing online! Snail mail and mail art is one of my favorite things in this terrible world. This movie is so inspiring and definitely makes me want to step up my mail art game! I always feel like a big nerd when people ask me about my hobbies. I normally get a crooked look when I say I like to write letters. Then the question that follows that is "to who?" People of the world of course!! Mail art is just one of those things that is greatly unappreciated. I know that everyone wants to get mail, especially beautiful artsy mail.  So i'm surprised that more people don't write and send letters to loved ones and strangers. This documentary captures the feels that I get when I write letters and shows people with the same enthusiasm as me and I don't feel like a big nerd after all! 
After you're done watching it go write some letters! I know theres a friend or a family member that would love a letter from you! Mail is wonderful so why not send some love? You can check out more about the creators HERE and as always if you'd like me to send you a letter go HERE or if you want to see some of my mail art go THERE

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