Lovely Things: Black + Gold

I was digging though my bookmarks this morning and here are some things I've found! I didn't realize how many things I had book marked! I was originally hunting for some really cool sparklers that I thought I had seen online once upon a time. I didn't find those but instead I found these cool gold and black things! Two of my favorite non-colors!
These are pretty much amazing. (Him & I)
I love this bike! I miss bike rides at night! I think I need to get some lights! (source)
Amazing hair tutorial! I wish I didn't have bangs that would mess it up. Maybe if I pin them first? (Frankie Magazine)
I've been looking for a new planner for the new year! I think I might have to snatch this one up! (MiGoals)
This dress is way to sparkly to justify buying, but only because I don't have any occasions to wear this too. But its just so cool! (deLoom)
Is it too early for wrapping paper? This pattern is so pretty! (Normans Printery)
Gold embellishments! I need a craft room so I can fill it up with lovely crafty bits! (ink kit)

So much lovely not enough money! 

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