October Art Journal!

So this months art journal was a bit different. I got THIS really cool mini watercolor set. I thought what a better way to get better at watercolors then to practice in my art journal! First I had to make a new journal cause I wanted something that would hold together with all the watery goodness. I was going to just buy one, but I remembered that I got this awesome multimedia pad of paper that would work perfect for this! So a bit of bakers twine and some folding, ta da! Notebook! I took a different approach to how I filled it out also. I sketched each page and wrote my entry then at the end of the month I went back and water colored each page. I'm not sure if that was the best of plans, but October so incredibly busy I just couldn't find the time to do anything! Hopefully November has more lazy catch up weekends!
P.S My photos are a big wonky. I know. With the day getting shorter I don't have time to take photos in natural light cause I get home so darn late and its nearly impossible for me to wake up early enough in the morning! So until I buy a better alarm clock, this is what I got! 

Let November begin! 

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