Lovely Things: Kickstarter!

This weeks lovely things are fresh off of Kickstarter. I love Kickstarter and I'm sure everyone by now has heard about a project or two. So I wanted to share 3 projects that I'd love to back. That is if I had enough monies. So instead of backing I'm just going to share with all of you lovelies! Well I might just have to splurge and back one of these! 
Print isn't Dead publication! People of Print is one of my favorite blogs/sites to read. Now they're putting out the second edition on their magazine. They have TONS of amazing artists based around printing. Its also incredibly inspiring.  Check out the kickstarter HERE!
I really want this planner! Adamjk is a hilarious and clever graphic designer. I love all the funny stuff he makes! Check out the project HERE
Curious Ruby has some amazing water coloring skills! I'd be stoked to see one of her amazing pieces on a scarf. Check out the project HERE!

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