Skinny Mint Tea Tox!

A wee bit ago the lovely Zoei came across this thing called Skinny Mint. When she was first saying it was a weight loss thing that was a huge turn off for me. I hate anything that wants me to be "skinny". Healthy and good for you is one thing but "skinny" errr..bothers me. BUT after reading about it my idea changed a bit. It seemed like an all natural thing to promote a healthy body. I suppose they just use the "skinny" as an advertising technique. Any who long story short Zoei and I decided to give it a go! We're only 2 weeks into it but I just wanted to share with all of you my thoughts so far. 

List of thoughts about the teatox: 
1- Tastes great! But then after the first week and a half you get kinda sick of it. 
2- Helps to remind me to eat breakfast. We NEVER ate breakfast before but I noticed that if I had the tea on a empty stomach it made my tummy upset the whole day. But I like eating early it helps me feel better all day. 
3- Night time tea is yummy. It seemed to affect Zoei more then me. I don't like that if I drink it just before bed then I'm up in the middle of the night using the bathroom. So I just need to remind myself to drink it right after dinner. 
4- Gave me energy for the first little bit but not so much after the second week. Zoei still seems to get a lot of energy from it, but her metabolism is also way faster then mine. Caffeine has also effected her more than me. 
5- The price is a bit steep for tea. BUT I'm not at the end of the 28 days yet so I can't say for sure if the money is worth it or not. After 2 weeks I'm feeling doubtful, but who knows. I've also spent a LOT of money on fancy teas before and so I can't help but compare the 2. When in reality thats not very fair. I guess I'll have a definitive answer at the end of the 28 days! 

Phew! Go read about it HERE! Let me know what you think or if you'd tried something like this before. I alway love stories and opinions! 

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