Lovely Things: Mint + Gold Wedding?

I've had weddings on the mind a lot lately. (Its a long story!) But I never wanted to have a wedding. I'm just not a party person and I hate being the center of attention. For some reason I always thought the guy I'd marry would want a wedding. So in the back of my mind I've been planning this mint and gold wedding. I've spent a lot of time with Zoei looking at wedding stuff and annoyingly having an input to her wedding board ideas! In the case that I don't elope and I do have a wedding here's a few random bits that I thought would be lovely!
The first thing I think a women dreams about is her dress. I adore this gold sequins tulle dress! Even if I don't have a wedding I might have to get this dress and create my own random fancy occasions! 
I love succulent and cactus plants so I about died when I saw this awesome bouquet! Although I imagine that it gets quite heavy. But then again all bouquets are heavy! 
I love this glittery gold rustic style cake! I think I might need that for my next birthday! 
Such a cool idea for wedding favors! I bet it makes your insides sparkle! 
Beautiful photo booth idea! I love these kinds of backdrops! So pretty! All it needs a bit more gold! 
I'm pretty sure I'd have to hand make all my invitations but gold polka dot envelope lining is screaming my name! 
It wouldn't be Remi flavored if it didn't have bees somewhere involved! Such cute tags! 

I know, I know this post seems a bit out of place. Especially since its not wedding season and I'm not going to be getting married soon. BUT it was on my mind and I wanted to share! I hope this randomness is at least a bit interesting! 

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