S L E E P Y..

I'm just so sleepy all the time. (Also a bit of a complainer.) I can't remember the last time I thought to myself, "No I don't need a nap right now." Its like once you hit a certain age you're just perpetually sleepy. Am I really that old? I feel like a feeble old women sometimes. Oh the weight of life! Life is treating me weirdly lately. Strange things keep happening and before I can process another strange thing happens. I mean, nothing life altering but something that'll make me pause and think. I often think to myself, "where am I going?" I feel like I want to be everything and nothing at all. I know what I WANT to be doing..creating, living, exploring, inspiring, leaving my mark on the world. But I don't know how or when to do these things. So I sleep. 

Sigh, enough ranting! Go listen to THIS and read THAT! 

Is it nap time yet? 

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