So much sent mail!

Phew! I've gotten so behind on responding to my mail! I finally got all caught up! I sent 17 pieces of mail! I think that's the most I've ever sent! It feels so good to be caught up. Although it didn't last long, I already have letters I got this week that need responses! Oooh I love getting mail!

As my mail production goes up I've noticed my blog posts and reading blogs have gone down. I logged into my Bloglovin today and have 456 unread posts! I just sighed and figured I'd deal with it later. Also my blog posts have been lazy. Is there ever a balance? Or is there never enough time! Although I imagine if I kept up on my blog AND mail I would have no social life. (Not that it's very epic or exciting to begin with..) Maybe some prioritizing is in order? 

Sigh. Is it Friday yet?


  1. Yay for catching up! I hope you got the postcards I sent you.

    1. YES! I love them thank you! A reply is currently half done, i'll get it sent this weekend!