Envelope Designs!

I feel like I've been slacking on my mail art these past couple weeks. So I doodled on a few envelopes to make them all pretty. I did most of these while I was at work (which I probably shouldn't be doing, shh don't tell.) So it took me longer then it probably should have. But I've noticed the longer it takes me on a pattern the better it turns out. Once you feel rushed is when it gets sloppy. The envelopes I used are THESE ones that I bought forever ago and seems like I have the endless supply of for some reason. You can find other cool snail mail stuff in the Hunter and Co Etsy shop! 
The only problem I'm running into is i'm not sure where to put the address. I don't wanna cover up the cool design, but it seems a little silly to put it on the back side. Oh well, i'll figure something out! Have you sent any pretty mail lately?

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