Weekend Adventures!

I feel like I have a lot of "to-do's" this weekend. I mostly just have lazy weekends that I don't do much. When I say I don't do much I really mean sleep in late and catch up on T.V. watching. But for some reason I had lots to do this weekend! So I just wanted to share, mostly cause I'm proud of my potential productive-ness.

First! St. Vincent show on Friday! Now I wouldn't ever buy tickets to see her play, but my friend had an extra one so I figured, why not?! Here's a mini play list for  you incase you don't know who St. Vincent is. Also you can check out THIS video. Which is one of my favorites and shows you the mad skills that this chick has! 

Second! The Grand Budapest Hotel is finally playing in Utah! I'm such a huge Wes Anderson fan that I'm embarrassed to admit it sometimes. But I'm so excited to see it!! I keep reading reviews of what other people have thought and I'm just dying to find out for myself! 

Third! Learn how to make a origami unicorn. I found THESE instructions that seem fairly easy. Although my paper folding skills aren't completely up to par. Practice makes prefect, right? I'd love to send unicorns to all my pen pals! 

Other random tid-bits! Finishing up on some snail mail. Going to my parents for dinner and to visit with my sister while she's in town. Shopping for more dresses! And going to church. Whoa, that sounds weird when i read it in my head, but  yup. Church, huh. Such a busy weekend! 

What are you weekend plans?