First Day of Spring!

Today was the first day of Spring or the Vernal Equinox! Ah man, the world is wondrous! Always moving, growing and dying. Its so beautiful, fascinating and incredibly confusing. I'm not sure why I'm so excited but today was a very interesting day. Not bad though, I feel surprisingly optimistic. So I'm blaming it on the SPRING! I'm a fall kinda gal, but spring has always had a sweet spot in my heart. I feel excited for new-ness! I wanna go weed the garden and shed my layers and hug the sun! I've never been the outdoorsy kind but for some reason I want to go play in the forest or climb on a huge rock. Maybe if I find time this weekend I can convince Zoei to take me!

I'm digging Brett Dennen's newest album, Smoke and Mirrors. I'm especially in love with the song Wild Child. Its just a happy feel good song that fits the first day of spring perfectly! Also check out his Wilderness Tip videos! I'll admit they made me laugh probably more then I should have.

What are your favorite spring activities? Maybe you should go climb on a rock too! 

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