February Acoomplishments + Doodle!

Ahhh! Last month went by WAY to fast!! I didn't even realize that the month was up until Zoei reminded me that I need to pay rent. February wasn't too good to me, but the past is the past! On ward and upward, right? Heres a mini list of accomplishments! 

I should do more posts that are written with my typewriter. I think it looks way neat. Although not very time efficent. Plus my typewriter doesn't have spell check, thus adding on more time. Anyways, I was catching up on all my mail this weekend and drew a little mail monster for one of my pen pals. I'll admit its a bit cutsy for my liking, but I know she'll love it! 

Phew, yeah yeah I know this post is a little late! Better late then never! Hope you all survived the quick month of February! March should be better! *fingers crossed!*

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