Lovely Things: Ceramics!

I love ceramics! My dad is a ceramics teacher so growing up we always got to make the cooooolest stuff! Although I have "sour hands" and have never been very good at it. I still adore it and its one of my favorite art forms. Its one of those things like print making. Its everywhere but people don't know too much about the process. If you ever get the chance to learn DO IT!

Worlds cutest bowl! Found in MarinskiHandmades shop!

This idea is just fantastic and combines illustration, pottery AND animation! Yes, please!

I think most people think ceramics have to be heavy and utilitarian, but these little bird pins say other wise! Found in Damson Tree Pottery shop!

I love the this idea! The quantity is pretty amazing.

Cactus necklace! I've always been a fan of ceramic jewelry. Found in Viruset Studio! 

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