Gifts from the Philippines!

This past week/weekend has been a very exciting one for the Germaine family! My lovely sister is visiting for a couple weeks! Its kinda weird when one of the Germaine sisters leaves. The balance get thrown off. I'm scared to see what happens once one of us moves away for good! Anyways, she was in the Philippines and brought back some AWESOME stuff! I just had to share!  

SNACKS! She brought us soooo many snacks! I'm not even sure if I've tried all of them, but I'm loving the little packaging! The prawn crackers "spicy flavor" are one of my favorites! I think I have enough little snacks to last all summer! At least you'll know who will have snack in their purse if you get hungry! I haven't tried the gum yet, mostly cause my wisdom tooth is giving me a hard time and it didn't seem like a wise idea. 

Not eat-able goodies! One thing about my sister is she knows the kinda stuff I like! Which makes me happy when people know the kinda things like. Mostly cause I feel like I have a hard time articulating my likes to people. Any-who, she got me a cute little coin purse with an adorable illustration on it, pens, wipes in a soda container, earrings, Korean magazine and take away menus (which will make awesome envelopes!) and undies (weird butterfly patterned, labeled "free size" which made me laugh way to hard.) Last but not least my favorite thing that I got, a "postal" theme shirt! Its got a stamp and post mark on it. Its fantastic and I just love it! 

Sigh, family is great! Life gets so full and crazy when we all get together, its kinda amazing! 

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