Ramblings About Debbie Carlos

Today I'm rambling on about Debbie Carlos. Now I've been a fan of her photography ever since I found THESE posters! I'm sure Zoei is tired of me saying, "once I get my own house I'm getting a poster for every room." But its true! I love the idea behind a giant affordable amazing work of art. After I read THIS post, I knew that she would easily become one of my heros. I admire smart, artist women. Debbie Carlos surpasses both of these! I've a soft spot for photographers. Mostly because I think that photography is a fairly simple idea, but gets expanded into new worlds by the artists behind the camera.  I love photos that makes me ask myself questions. Debbie Carlos is a master at that. I'm not sure if that's her goal with her art work, but regardless that's why I enjoy her work so much. After all art appreciation is really a personal thing, don't you think? Check out her blog (s), they are lovely!


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