My insides feel a bit funny.


I believe I am perfectly content. Well as I write this I am, it never seems to last long. I'm not really happy or sad, just kinda living for the moment. To be honest, its making me feel a bit weird. I mean, if I'm happy that's great I know how to deal with that. If I'm sad then I know what to do (or wait it out). But when I'm content, I'm not quite sure what to do. I know its not going to last long and soon the "what are you doing with your life" is going to seep in. Then I'll be back to normal worrying about little things and trying to survive this crazy world. But for now I'm just here.

I'm staring to worry a bit that I'm running out of things to blog about. Is that possible? I'm hoping that its just a bit of a rut that I'm in as far as deciding what to write about. What are some things that help you get out of your blogging rut?

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