Printable Valentine Love

I can't believe how fast time is going by. I know, I probably say that ALL the time. But man, if you only knew how often I ponder why time is going by so fast you'd probably go insane. Valentines is quickly approaching and before you know it it's gonna be gone! If you let time escape you like it does me I've found some valentines printable love for you! There are so many blogs out there with cute ideas! Here are my favorite findings!

1) Giant Valentine's Posters! Oh Happy Day! always has the most adorable (and do-able) ideas! I know these posters are supposed to be for Valentine's but I'd love one of these just to hang up or to fold up and write a giant letter on the back!

2) Arrow Valentines! The Wild Olive has way of being so darn cute! This lady has amazing and fun illustrations and always some fun project to go along with it. If you're in a pinch just print out these to tack onto any goody! 

3) Vintage Valentines! I love Goodnight Little Spoon and she has the neatest downloads! I love how unique these are! 

4) Giant paper lockets!  I love that it's personal and cutsy! Design Love Fest is always artfully designed  even with there cutsy projects! (She also has AMAZING desktop backgrounds!) Although it does take a bit more effort. I think I might make one of these for Zoei (if I find the time) and just put a giant picture of my face in it. It might be a little startling, but I know Zo would totally get a kick outta it. 

Are you ready for Valentines Day?

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