Etsy Finds: Notebooks

I'm so obsessed with notebooks and stationery. Its hard not to be when there are so many cute paper things on Etsy! Plus notebooks are very useful, right?
How cool is this note book! You know what the best part is?! It's refillable! Thats a notebook to last a life time! On top of that all the books in the shop Mossery Co. are super adorable! 

I love these bear matchbooks because they are so little! These are so handy! I need some of these to put in my bag for little sketches. From the Ready Go shop!

It's no secret that I love illustrations and pastels. I love how girly this notebook is! Milly Milk Ville shop is just full of cutsy handmade goodness!

Ah, so much artsy love on Etsy! I like art on the front of notebooks because then you can carry it around with you! I love all the illustrations in this shop are amazing! 

So if you want you can buy me one (or all) of these! 

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