A month ago I started this blog and must say that I'm very proud of myself for being consistent for a whole month! It was one of my new years resolutions to blog consistently and that's the main reason why I started this new lil' blog. I haven't missed a day yet! I feel like I'm still going strong and have tons of ideas and things that I want to share. I don't think I've ever been this excited about writing and post before.

My next goal is to gain some readers. I'm sure I have the occasional stumble upon and I always force Zoei to read it. But I'm wanting to do some ad's on other blogs to hopefully increase traffic. Because it feels pretty awesome to have other people enjoy the things you write and care about. In the end if I have readers or not I'm still going to write blog posts. Mostly because I'm having way too much fun! That's the most important part right?

Keep on keeping on!

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  1. Happy one month birthday!! :D Your blog is beautiful