Lovely Things: Gifty for Me!

Since I've been so successful on keeping up on my blog I thought that I would get my self a little gift. I always like to treat myself with something off of Etsy after I've accomplished a goal of mine. Mostly because then I don't feel guilty for buying myself things. In the end I'm really proud of myself and think I deserve something special!

I'm so loving this bear brooch from! I haven't really gotten into brooch wearing, but I stumble across so many cute ones that I think I need to start collecting them! 

I'm such a huge fan of bows! It's such a perfect way to make boring hair fancy and lovely! There are so many colors to choose from in the Belle and Whistle shop! She's also having a valentines sale!

I'm pretty sure you can't have too much washi tape. There are so many creative things people do with the stuff! I just like to use it to make my envelopes look pretty! Once Upon Supplies is filled with pretty things! 

I think I have a shopping on Etsy problem! Well, there are worse things that could happen!

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  1. I love that you reward yourself for blogging! love the brooch!