My mind is my own worst enemy.

twosome lonesomeness

I'm an over thinker. Well, I am an over-over thinker. Normally this is an ok thing and I've grown to deal and live with my over thinking. But somedays are worse then others. Lately it seems like I've been over thinking all the choices I'm making. I know that deep down I've made the right one, but my mind can help but mull the situation over and imagine 5 other outcomes. I guess in a way I'm nervous about the outcome and the long term effect my decisions will make. This is why I don't like making decisions! But making choices is part of being a grown up, right? I especially feel bad for the people around me. Mostly because I'm always looking for reassurance. Luckily for me my family is really good at telling me it'll all be ok or at the very least to get over it. Aren't families great like that?

On a side note, I'm super excited to get my hair done this week. Something about getting my hair done always makes me feel wondrous! Chinese new year is this weekend which hopefully means some yummy food! I've been catching up on all my snail mail and working on some little paintings! I'm hoping that sunshine is on it's way cause I'm so ready to wear dresses and sandals!

Anyways, enough rambling! Hope you all have a lovely day!

Photo by: Tina Sosna

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