Bandcamp Findings: Baby Mollusk & Aldo Fisk

Photo by Sarita Lolita
My body soul feels like these kinda songs right now. Is that possible to feel like a song? (or songs?) I'm not sure, but if you can I would feel like these songs. They feel silly, nonsensical and cute. But also deep and creepy all at the same time. I could lay in bed and over think things to these tunes. I could also skip around by myself in the cold listening to these songs. So yeah, I'd say these match me perfectly for the time being. I want to give everyone hugs but then just everyone leave me be.

I think I've been rambling about my feelings too much lately. In the end, I hope you kinda like these findings off of bandcamp. These artists are unique and beautiful. If none of these songs at least make you smile a bit, you better get your head checked.

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