Out Going Mail!

I've been struggling with this work from home nonsense that is going on. I mean don't get me wrong, I LOVE being home! I'm the definition of homebody! But it was such an adjustment. Not only just doing my normal work tasks but knowing how to balance my creative tasks as well. The first week I felt so much P R E S S U R E to do/create/ utilize this gift of time wisely! All that pressure zapped away all creative energy I was clinging on to. This weekend I was able to pull myself of out my head and get a better grasp on how I was feeling about the current state of it ALL. I took sometime to write letters. Which honestly helped my state of mind the most. I was finally able to express in letters/words all the feelings I was struggling with. I'm so grateful for all the pen pals I have that let me rant and rave about my emotions for two pages! I made these envelopes with a little bit of gouache and colored pencils. I did a few simple abstract patterns to fancy it up a bit! Something about abstract and repetitive patterns are always relaxing to make. I still have a bit to catch up on, but luckily I have the time!

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